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Projector Project, Noob Needs Advice
« on: April 25, 2009, 08:48:16 PM »
Hi Everybody,

This may or may not be the right place for this, coming across some of the amazing projects in this forum leads me to believe someone around here might seriously be able to help me out.

I've been a photographer for over ten years now, and just finished spending the last three years in art school. In the last year I started doing slide projections of some images publicly around town, fairly small scale because of the limits of equipment. I'm now looking to build a device capable of projecting an image (from a 4x5 inch negative) as large as humanly possible from as far away as humanly possible.

The first thing I did was look into searching "Large Format Projectors" and found a little here and there, a sony digital model that costs 125,000 USD, a guy who made them in the 50's to project images behind Operas, etc. Nothing really that helpful in terms of engineering. Then i got to thinking, I own a 4x5 enlarger that projects horizontally, and I'm thinking if I could up the light source immensely it should work? The lenses are already in place and correctly focus and project the images, so I believe (possibly incorrectly), that if I could adapt the back of it with a new light source it should work. I think the only problems would be cooling the light and possibly focusing it. It also doesn't matter about having a portable power source, because the eventual plan is to fire it across town from a hotel window or building rooftop, so plugging it in shouldn't be a problem. Ballasts and all that are of course another issue.

Anyway if anyone is interested in helping, I'd love to work on it with you. I just graduated and am unemployed, but may even be able to pay a little bit somehow. I also have welding experience and can fabricate parts if needed, etc. I think the main issue is finding someone who can design an immensely powerful, focusable, light beam, and figuring out how to cool it and integrate it into an already existing piece of machinery. I can personally send pictures of the enlarger I want to modify, drawings, etc. to anyone interested, but didn't want to post them here and take up too much space. Thanks.