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« on: August 29, 2005, 04:36:55 AM »
Eheim 1046 pump, good working condition, box & one brass 3/8" barb  fitting for front inlet included (no filter sponge). Works submerged or inline externally. Selling at US$37 shipped by standard airmail.

Operates almost inaudibly and can be used both in and out of water. Pump capacity of about 5 l/min (1046) at a maximum lift of 1.2m. It consumes 5W at 230V. Suitable for constant operation.

79 gph centrifugal pump with a maximum head of 4 feet at only 5 watts.

Manufacturer's Specs:

Pump output: 300 l/h; 66 lmp. gal./h.; 79 U.S. gal./h.
Delivery head: 1,20 m/wat.col.; 3 ft. 11 in./wat.col.
Power consumption: 5 W
Hose connection (suction side): O13mm (1/2")
Hose connection (pressure side): O11mm (3/8")
Dimensions: (length x width x height) 145 x 75 x 103mm; 5.7 x 3 x 4.1 in.
PLEASE NOTE: 230V version with round 2-pin power plug


Innovatek FlatFlow Rev.1 with Socket A retaining clamp, 8mm ID compression fittings (does not come with standard barbs) but can also fit 3/8" ID tubing over the threaded barbs as shown below. Internals are clean with no deposits or buildup & base has been polished to a mirror finish. In very good condition. Comes in original packaging. Selling for US$39 shipped by standard airmail. *SOLD OFF LONG TIME AGO....*.

InnovaFlat-Flow Copper Base Water Block

The InnovaFlat-Flow is a high performance economical water block. Ships with 8mm inside/10mm (3/8") outside diameter compression fittings. A unique clamp design which anchors the cooler perfectly over the CPU core.

Fittings:  8mm (OD) Compression
The weight of the block (without clamp) : 220g
Size (without connections) : (lxwxh) 60x60x18 mm
Size (with connections) : (lxwxh) 60x60x40 mm
Copper base (d=7mm)


2pcs. Y splitters/reducers & also another two in blackpainted brass. The one on the left is 10mm/3/8", the clear one is 10mm to 7mm/5/16", same as for the black/brass ones. All going for US$2 per piece or $3.50 per pair shipped by standard airmail.

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