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Welcome and Introductions / Forum back up 2017 Nice!
« on: March 01, 2017, 10:38:01 AM »
Glad to see her back online!


Latest Version:   07 - 2014

In Stock!    $269 shipped to USA

Stainless Steel Bezel
+ 5 watt increase in power on High over standard model (This Version 65w vs 60w on Standard Model)
Larger Logo

(P.S. I have fixed some @firefoxes email problems)


FF4 Extreme - FF4 Standard - FF4 Extreme

FF4 Extreme - FF4 Standard - FF4 Extreme - Nitecore SRT7


Couple of questions:
You mentioned  "... New lights coming next year also..."
1) Are the new lights in yet? I'm guessing they will be the FF5 and have a replaceable bulb? What is the expected time of arrival?  No info on FF5 as of yet
2) Also, are you the sole USA distributor? I've noticed others with this light for sale, and they refer to a "sole USA distributor".
I'm hoping that you're it! Yes
3) What is the current price w/ shipping to 85742? $269
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Nice Find!

B+W brand 67mm filters (UV - IR - Colored) should be able to handle the heat... Barrel extension may help even more...


Lips, have you found any lenses that will fit these that will allow UV and IR to pass through?  I would be interested in purchasing one if I can get one of these lenses in addition to the original one.


More testing with Infrared Filters

I don't know what type of specific glass (cut to fit) to use to let the uv pass. Other than taking lens off and running it like that. I'm sure a simple solution is out there, just don't know what it is...

67mm infrared attached without extension bezel cracked in a few seconds. I haven't tested longer than 30 seconds with the barrel extension in between to give some space from the IR filter

The Bezel of FF5 also has threads so any 67mm screw-on adapter will fit as well as caps like the one that came with the light... FYI

No Light gets out of any of the cracks where screws on:

760nm Filter so you see red glow. Bump to a 950 and you are covert...

Runtime  Test

Sanyo 2600             24W   55min   40W  40min
Panasonic 2900        24W   65min   40W  55min
Panasonic 3400        24w      ?        40w     ?

Guy I sold one to ran it continuously at 60w. Not sure what batteries he used. Got 7 min at 60w... (3 min + 3 min + 1 min)

Panasonic 2900 mah 18650PD true 10 amp batteries should give most run-time on High Output levels

I just got my light...Looks nice. A question....

Has anyone figured out a good way to remove the lens?  I was thinking about running the light a few times without it, in an attempt to reduce the initia deposits from the out-gas on the reflector.


I have a delrin tool to open up the lights. You shouldn't have any problems with the out-gassing as the silicon used is high-temp and well cured. Seen no lights having a problem. The original prototypes of the FF3 had a problem way back but that was figured out and mistake was corrected...

I have had a chance to manipulate a bulb while the light is turned on and the light disassembled. About the only way to see how a perfectly aligned bulb behaves. I broke the ceramic base on one of the lights while experimenting and discovered the connection from the ballast wire to the bulb is different to the way I thought (and different from a spare ballast). The only way to see it is to break one open. Changing a bulb on one of these would be difficult for someone to change especially if you haven't seen the inner workings. I am still trying to get spare bulbs with the ceramic base attached so all you would have to do is splice in the two wires and insulate. Otherwise it would be much more difficult to replace a bulb... New lights coming next year also...

Nice  :thumbup:
Extra Battery Carriers with brighter LEDs still available!
$30 shipped conus or $25 with a new light.

If I order a flashlight now, I get these bright LED in my the lamp?
Or bright LED only available in Extra Battery Carriers ?

Bright LEDs only on spare carriers at them moment. Haven't seen a light shipped with them yet but I suppose at some point they will show up with brighter LEDs...


Fire Foxes FF4 vs Nitecore SRT 7


You guys in Hawaii need to do some beam shots with some scenery in the background. Girls holding FF4 would be nice too!

Got about 8 spare battery carriers (brighter leds) in stock now...

Have some police guys using FF4 for night shoots  :thumbup:

Sending out battery carrier cchurchi.

Sent out some more lights and spare battery carriers to folks, Thanks for the referrals!

I think Randy is going to fix the server errors going on at the moment :thumbup:

Nice  :thumbup:

Extra Battery Carriers with brighter LEDs still available!

$30 shipped conus or $25 with a new light.

Just LOVE this light!  8)

If I'm going to take the time to weave a lanyard for it, that tells you how much I love this light...

This is a dive lanyard I use on my Polarion and FF4. Picked it out and Polarion like it so much they started selling them with their units as an accessory. Has some potential tactical uses and you can limit the light hitting the ground if you drop it or stop it from going in the water if on a boat. Working on getting a few of these for a FF4 Kit Light.

Quick attach to belt or loop, Quick detach to allow extended coil use, quick detach from light, Anti drop to surface that is adjustable for your height...


on my ff4 if i have it turned on and the side switch is facing up the hot spot is out of focus but when i turn it 180 degrees and the switch is facing the ground the beam a hot spot are perfect. its no big deal but how come it does this.

I imagine it is where the salts have come out of vapor and resolidified in an area of the chamber. Burn the bulb in and it should change around depending on how you set the light down to cool. Probably take a few hours of running before a bulb is broke in.

how do you replace the bulb when it burns out? do you open the top? also i have a few tiny pinhole imperfections on the reflector, but it shouldn't affect the beam much of at all.  also i cant really try it out much, it's way too much power for my residential street, i will wake everyone up XD.

 i went from a bc40 straight to this, 8x power upgrade, lol

Bulb rated at 2500 hours so you should not have to change it out. Even at half that you shouldn't have to change it. Changing it is not a simple drop-in. It's not extremely difficult but requires removing some heat silicon inside the ceramic where the bulb seats. Can be done but not fun!

that sounds good.  since this is a arc light is there like a cycle limit? i know LEDs can be turned off and on rapidly and it doesn't hurt the emitter. but for lights like these can turning it on and off too much burn the bulb out quickly? I do wait for a while (menu says 10 seconds) before i do a hot re-strike as they say that can hurt it especially. also mine doesn't really get that hot at all. when it reaches the 3 min kickdown its not burning hot like others say

If I have time I'll usually way before re-strike but if I'm out using the light and I need to re-strike quickly I just do it. You may be cutting some life off the bulb but you have enough bulb life to spare. I try not to shift levels excessively or quickly as to not over extend the electronic ballast. Sometimes when you show people HID lights they want to turn it on and off, on and off etc...

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