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Hi i have a like new Gladius in Black with the original warrantee just back from Blackhawk with a new tailcap. comes with papers, box and fresh batteries!
asking $200.00 shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS USPS CONUS. insurance extra.
paypal preferred..

Garage Sale / Benchmade 805 TSEK
« on: September 11, 2005, 08:43:59 PM »
Hi i have a very good condition Benchmade 805 TSEK AXIS that i would like to sell.
i received it in trade from a fellow forum member and it looks almost new.
these are no longer made...
asking $75.00SOLD shipped USPS CONUS, insurance extra, will not be held responsible for loss...
paypal prefered.
thanks for looking!

Lights Buy/Sell/Trade / F/S LionHeart package$190+MORE+
« on: July 30, 2005, 06:35:53 PM »
Hi everyone!!!
I have found a new project that i can't live without so i am offering up:
1) HA NAT Lion Heart with both batteries and battery tubes (168a&150a),clip and Green Tritium insert.
the unit has two blems, one on the bezel ring and on the 168a tube the logo is not centered. The unit is in otherwise Like New condition...$200.00>$190.00

2)Like New Jets22 BlackBird1, has a ULC lens instead of the poly. comes with 3 tailcaps, 2 flat/pocket and one indexed lanyard. both bodies(CR2&CR123).
optic is included, too. $200.00>$190.00>175.00SOLD

3) Like New Aleph 2xCR123 Body in HA NAT. $25.00SOLD

4)Like New Jets22 N-cell Arc... $45.00>$40.00SOLD

5)ORB RAW Ubin w/green Tritium normal scratches in bare aluminum, light only, no batteries and no charger, comes with lanyard clip installed $110.00TRADED

6)Arc LS Grey kit, complete light with board,LE,Body,Tail etc. second from left $40.00SOLD PENDING PAYMENT

7)Fire~Fly2 CR123 Modded by me, stripped of ano, cut lug off end, about the same length as a CR2 FF2. IMS17 reflector... $125.00SOLD

8)JIL DD original model like new, fourth from left $55.00SOLD

9)Glow-Toob FX7 Green sandblasted for better diffusion, same condition as when i modded it from new.fifth from left  $25.00SOLD

10)Eternalight ErgoMarine Refurbished, just received it from Tec As. not my style... sixth from left. $20.00

all prices include UPSP shipping CONUS. Insurance is extra, will not be held liable for loss.
Paypal prefered...
thanks for looking,

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