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Other Gear / Netbook Mania!!!
« on: November 16, 2008, 12:57:58 PM »
I just picked up an Asus Eee 1000H netbook, man it's small and I can do everything (and I mean Everything) that I used to do with my big power-hungry desktop except maybe the more complex (and rare) applications like big Shop editing.  But otherwise surfing the web, word processing, even watching movies, all can be done so very efficiently with my Asus - just need to leave my reading glasses on...

And at a hair over 3 pounds and footprint smaller than a sheet of copier paper (10.5" x 7.5" x 1.3") with up to seven-(7-)hour battery life with Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless connectivity (about the fastest commercially available, faster even than the signal feed speed from most broadband ISPs) it just about replaces my regular desk- and laptop computers.  And I always have it with me - as they say about most hobbies, the best (whatever) is the one you have with you.  An EDC computer, as it were.

Mr. Bulk / DIY LionCub (AND OTHER) "Kits" - SOLD OUT!
« on: November 12, 2008, 02:31:46 PM »


UPDATE 11-14-08:

Some pics for now, will get to updating the list once people commit (via Paypal) since there will be prices announced at the end of this post -

LionCub bods:

Up Close - only ONE original knurled body (shown on bottom of pic) is available at higher cost (GONE), the other twenty will be as shown at top of pic:

Lo and Behold, we got DragonHeart bods too -- notice that in the top row, the two on the right and on the bottom row the fourth on the right (GONE) are *SHINY*.  That is how they usually came, but the rest shown here have a matte-finished anodizing.  The three *SHINY* ones have NO TRIT SLOTS and will cost a little more, although I would think the matte ones are desirable as well simply for their "tactical-ness" for lack of a better word:

Also note the top row lights are OD Green and the bottom row is Black except for the one on the far right which is a seventh OD Green.

Holy Cow, we still had STAINLESS DRAGONHEARTS???  These are COMPLETELY BUILT LIGHTS, and they simply turned up while going through my stuff:

These four remaining Stainless Steel Dragons are (PRICE EDIT) $260 each plus shipping.

Now as for the selling price of the LionCub Kits, let's consider the componentry cost for each LionCub:

1) I paid $25 per circuit board

2) I paid $20 per McR-20 reflector

3) I paid as high as $14 for each Luxeon star as I always sought out and purchased the best bins available at the time

4) although I bought the dual-side AR-coated UCL lenses in *Bulk* (cool word, eh?), they retail for $7 from Flashlight Lens

5) the goldplated piano wire battery springs retail for $5

6) add another $5 for the o-rings and button covers and the total so far is

$25+$20+$14+$7+$5+$5 = $77 not yet counting the bodies

I am setting the price of each complete LionCub kit at only $99 (and I ASSURE you the bodies alone cost significantly more than $22 each!!!), and due to the losses at such a price I will require $5 to cover handling/packaging/shipping (in the U.S., contact me for international destinations as it will be more) plus $3 to cover Paypal fees so for simplicity's sake can we please just keep it to an even $107 delivered per each Cub kit regardless of number ordered, meaning two kits will be $214, etc.

SUCH a deal, I tell ya.

-GONE-Add $25 if you want the one Cub kit with the last available original LionCub body with the knurling and the lanyard hole in the tail.  But be warned, the bezel opening is still the original width (meaning not "opened up" as the rest of them are). -GONE-

Add $25 for the matte DragonHeart body, or $35 for the shiny (NON-slotted for Tritium vials) DragonHeart body (BLACK ONE IS GONE).

Please Paypal the appropriate amount for your order to mrbulk(at)gmail(dot)com and indicate here when you are done.  Please indicate your preferences for

1) which body you are ordering

2) which converter you want, and most importantly

3) your FF log-in name

Packaging and shipping to begin immediately since I don't has ta build'em any more (yee haw!).

Again - you will provide your own wire and solder, this is all that is required to build each of these lights.

So there ya has's Fire Sale time at BulkWare!  Thank you all for your kind support over these past five years.


All machined from bare aluminum, the bodies will be beadblast-finished heads and tails with semi-shiny (machine finish) aluminum Control Modules.  The bodies are already configured and machined to accommodate - and will thus include -  LUXEON STARS ONLY (I have thousands and need to get rid of'em, they are all well-binned of course), your choice of converters (Fully Regulated "DragonHeart" style or DirectDiven V.2 "Cub" style), UCL lenses, McR-20 reflectors, o-rings, battery tube springs, etc.

In short, everything needed to build complete LionCubs save for ancillaries such wires, thermal compound, solder and a soldering iron (duh) that you yourself supply.

Please let me know here on this thread if you are interested and I'll go about seeing exactly how much in my parts stockpile I still have for however many y'all might want (there will probably be enough for just a couple dozen at most).  Might even have some HA3 ano'd OD Green Dragonheart bodies (4-pcs per body) laying around.  Like I said I am taking a SERIOUS break from making flashlights because:

1) there is really nothing technologically brand-new lately to dream up new lights with

2) the overseas guys are catching up (although I feel they are still far behind in areas such as electronic converters of the intuitive-to-use multiple-feature UI variety)

3) I need time to sort out some pressing real-life "lifestyle" issues

4) I need time to do a couple of exotic custom one-offs that I will be selling privately to, uh, private individuals, and finally...

5) there is still that NewFormat light I want to pursue someday.  Just not "today" - *SIGH*

So there ya has it - please sound off on this thread and I'll get a nice price worked out for these kits.

Mr. Bulk / New Seoul P7 Super Flashlight Proto
« on: September 15, 2008, 10:26:28 AM »

Just the proto, done by TnC, they've not had time to even produce any.  Bright as heck but the important points here are that -

1) it is about as bright as the original Luxeon 5W Space Needles, yet

2) it is significantly smaller since it requires only one (very special, rechargeable) C-size battery, which

3) drives it right at factory spec so it should last multiple times longer than the Space Needle, although

4) there have been no known Space Needle failures aside for two highly abusive applications/tests (not by me), so

5) if driven harder, it should be extremely bright indeed.

But I kinda like the "driven at spec" concept, less potential for any durability issues, however unlikely...anyway here are some pitchers:

None for sale (yet)...:evil6:

Mr. Bulk / Seoul SemiConductor P7 LEDs...
« on: April 30, 2008, 04:06:47 PM »

...are in my hands (DANG you, glockboy), got them 900-lumen jobs, will be 'sperimentin' (JUST experimenting, mind you) with them.  Can't say anything will come of it, would have to go into a Mag-sized host if anything aaaand -- that is all for now.  Y'all have a good week now, y'hear...? :dontknow:

« on: February 17, 2008, 10:10:17 AM »

No comments from me yet, not till I get a raw price, a machined price and especially - a workability quotient.  But let me share a few pics of what just dropped in my lap...

Please, if you know what this is, no fainting in the aisles.  That is for me to do (or not) once I receive the actual figures.  The cool thing is that they let me have the bar in hand first (I guess it's good to be MR Bulk...).  :naughty:

Mr. Bulk / Truly CUSTOM Fit Dragon (and -Heart) Carrier...
« on: October 02, 2007, 09:38:24 AM »

I can't talk about it yet, still waiting for something to arrive so I can run it through a few final tests, but if all goes according to plan then upon seeing photos you will immediately realize it perfectly accepts ALL Dragon iterations both already-delivered and as-yet-unfinished, and - the biggie - both smooth bezel'd as well as with is an all-in-one stroke of genius.

And it truly is ingenious - I can say so not because I am making it, but because I am NOT...!

:naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6: :naughty: :blob6:

Mr. Bulk / Introducing The CUBmeleon...
« on: September 22, 2007, 05:20:06 AM »
An extra Chameleon body plus LionCub circuit board get together as a new hybrid:

I hereby christen thee the "CUBmeleon"...

All the cool, clickable, 5-level dimming dazzle of the Chameleon/Dragon, PLUS a second, entirely separate UI featuring a gradually dimming/brightening 32-level controller, as well as a True momentary switch whenever it strikes your fancy - meaning the light goes out the moment ya let go of the switch - 'course ya has ta know how ta access it (as all Cub owners already do).  A highly useful tool for your usual daily humdrum tactical routines such as infiltrating enemy campgrounds after dark...

You can name your choice of Chameleon head and tail, OR CUB head and tail (also in beadblast finish) which includes the McR-20 aluminum reflector.

But there's only one of these lights available - meanin' this one rott hayer...:naughty:

$190 shipped in the U.S., $201 shipped anywhere else.

Oh yeah I almost forgot - notice the missing switch cover ... NOT!  This is the totally new, totally CLEAR cover from the kids at our friendly local Light-monade Stand (see stickied thread in B/S/T Forum), so that the analysts among us can see whether our switch buttons REALLY stay centered during use...:thinking: :evil6:  But this switchcover is actually undergoing beta testing so it'll come with a bright red silicon/rubber cover instead.

First to post "I'll Take It!" has dibbs.

Mr. Bulk / DRAGONHEART Announcement -
« on: September 14, 2007, 11:43:35 PM »
We have 29 people with PAID deposits, but we have far less than that specifying which options they want.  To be perfectly clear, here they are again and after reading them PLEASE post to that thread with your selections:

1) FINISH - Black HA3, NATURAL HA3 (OD GREEN color), or BARE aluminum

2) DRIVER ELECTRONICS - DRAGON (fully regulated, 5 tables, each with 5-step dimming levels) or LIONCUB (direct drive, 5-step AND 32 smoothly-scrolling dimming levels, user selectable but not usable simultaneously, must switch between them)

and now - presenting a BRAND NEW option -

3) U-binned Luxeon stars!  Bin coded UX1K, which is perfect for the CUB (although Not the DRAGON) driver.

So please, DECLARE your options - ASAP, please...!

« on: September 09, 2007, 07:26:54 PM »


THIS IS IT:  The time has come to crown our new all-aluminum Dragon, pubescent offspring to the original Ti-Dragon, with a new name.  To be selected by this poll, it will be proudly etched into the roundel of its tailcap.

I do believe at least three of the four names above that you are voting on were entered by our members, thus if their name wins they will receive one of these new, _to-be-named_ flashlights gratis, along with my undying gratitude. :notworthy:

« on: September 09, 2007, 12:26:48 AM »
UPDATE 6-10-08

All chrome- (and gold-) plated Dragons are now built and SHIPPED except for the one that had to be stripped and replated which we are waiting on.

The wait is over, thanks for all your patience during my recent tribulations (death in family, some other personal issues, etc.)...


UPDATE 2-16-08

The anodized bodies have arrived...

Hmmm. wonder what these stubby things are...


I managed to build SEVEN (7) new Brass DragonHearts today, and since they are brought to life in such small bunches by Yours Truly it affords me the opportunity to baby them a bit, wrap'em in swaddling cloth as it were.  Accompanied by the pungent aroma of fine Spanish Cedar no less:

All have been fully tested and will be going out as SOON as I get some switchcovers... just gotta get hold of the Light-monade Stand now.


UPDATE 01-27-08:

And now for the breaking news - some of the bare DragonHeart bodies are here (as usual please restrain your applause till the end) so of course I took a few pitchers:

Notice how brilliant and shiny the mirror-like scale surfaces are?  That means polishing, which was an extra step taken not only to make'em look nice, but also to facilitate significantly improved results from any plating processes these DragonHearts may undergo.  The bodies that are to be plated by Lips have already been boxed up to be shipped.

Now although on such short notice I don't have time to put together a real build (even our HAT members have what some people may call, uh, lives, ya know), I think I can squeak out a handful or more before I board my plane headed for the SHOT Show later this week.  This means that those who are only getting a bare light (not the plated ones of course, as that process will take some extra time since they have to go to Lips first, etc.), or those who have also ordered any anodized DragonHearts (incoming as soon as they are done at the platers) and do not mind getting their DragonHearts in two separate shipments, please let me know by Paypaling any balances still due.

I will build and ship as many as I can before I leave - no promises - but anyone left waiting at the cutoff point (the moment I lay down my soldering iron to catch my ride to the airport) will only be a week behind.  That's because I am arriving in Las Vegas on Feb. 1st and will be boarding a return flight on Feb. 6th, so not even a week will have passed - upon which I shall diligently resume my permanently stooped-back sweatshop position at the workbench to get the rest of these bare lights built and shipped.  Might even have some HAT guys (and a gal) helping all of us out by then.

The anodized bodies will likely be here by that time as well, and I should be able to get everything completed and shipped out to everyone immediately after that.

Anyways we're finally rollin' ... giddy-up! :thumbsup:


UPDATE 01-18-08:

Got a cellphone picture from Chris of a Brass body today -

The latest update is that the un-finished lights (meaning the Bare Aluminums and Brass) will ship to me as of Monday.  But we're still waiting for the pedestals to come back from the anodizers; I hope they aren't thinking they'll just anodize'em the same time as the rest of the Al bodies, I need them NOW - or better yet, YESTERDAY.

But the good thing is I'll be able to send some of the bare Al the bodies to Lips for the plating that we're all waiting for as well...

UPDATE 10-4-07:

For those who ordered BRASS DragonHearts, here's the latest update:

Hello Charlie,


  Do you have any more people that want brass?  The difference in the brass material for 4 brass lights is $30.00 ea.


So whatever I gave you the price for the aluminum the brass will be 30.00 more each.



This is an e-mail from Chris at TnC.  This means the Brass DHs are now $215 plus shipping.


UPDATE 10-1-07:

Due to some confusion in communication with the machine shop (it was likely my fault as I have been running a little ragged lately), I must delete the tritium slots on the lights due to cost overruns; here is a quote from the machinist:

"...we weren’t going to do the trit slots...because I will have to make tooling to run them on my 4th axis.  I need to re-write the program and then rotate the part to put in the trit slots.  So I will do the tooling if you want the trit slots in them."

What is unwritten here is that he is explaining there will be additional charges, yet I will not be changing the price from $185.  Thus if anyone really objects to this and absolutely must have the trit slots, please let me know otherwise the area around the switch shall remain "clean".


UPDATE 9-27-07:

Gettin back to thishere DragonHeart.
I think the LionCub clip will fit almost to a T for a heads down carry.


Yes, the LionHeart/LionCub pocket clips are still available as I have quite a few spares left.  Five buckaroos each, will be added to your package when the light ships.  The only difference in the way it is used will be that it sits Under the o-ring of the battery tube (you'll see right away what I mean when you get it).


UPDATE 9-15-07:

THERE WILL BE NO ETCHING VISIBLE ON THE BARE METAL DH's (meaning on the Aluminum and Brass lights).  These will bear NO icons or lettering since the process to be used will not "take" (be visible) on plain metal.



We're up to 28 lights - but I will only make 50 lights total, with 20-something using the LC board and the rest using the original Dragon driver.  The LED of choice will be the Seoul Semiconductor P4 naturally.

Again, fully HALF of these MUST go to the online vendor, so we are already three lights OVER the limit.  Arghhh - what to do, what to DO?!?!?!

Hmmm...the only way to confirm definite orders rather than have the list populated with casually interested parties who may pull out at any time is to, once again, require non-refundable deposits(!).

Of course all monies will be refunded if the project does not move forward for some reason, but hey - have you Ever known MR Bulk to cancel a project?  Well, HAVE you??  EVER???

(all together now): "HAY-ULL NO!"

Way-ull alrighty then - kindly transact a non-refundable Paypal deposit, in the amount of $50 per light ordered, to confirm your honorable intentions.  This is for the all-aluminum sequel to the original Ti-Dragon which appears, according to how the polling is going, will be christened the new:




For all changes/choices please post a NEW ENTRY so I will not miss it.



might I add this tidbit for everyone's consideration -

On the HAIII anodized lights we will resurrect the infamous, "Made in Hawaii" etching around the bezel.  This oft-requested label has not made its appearance since LionCub days... :naughty:

I also plan to have our web address - - etched around the bottom of the tailcap, right below this light's final name, soon to be chosen by popular vote, and this ring of combined text will surround the original Dragon logo in the center.


I'm just starting this thread to talk a bit about the upcoming run of aluminum "Dragons" or whatever they will be called after the naming contest is over.  Also the difference in driver electronics, total quantity I expect to make, some differences in the body style, etc.


FINISH OPTIONS - We'll need to explore how we want to go about this, as I don't mind doing a few different on-request finishes but we gotta keep it manageable, such as maybe three different finishes (HA3 black, HA3 natural, and plain aluminum), otherwise what might be best is if I send individual bodies off to whomever each of You guys arrange to do you custom finishes (chrome, etc.), after which the bodies are shipped back to me for final assembly.

SERIAL NUMBERS - I don't anticipate serial numbers this time around, so if you want one I'll ship a Sharpie along with yours so's you can number it whatever you want...

OTHER MATERIALS - these will be made of aluminum for the most part, although I will try arranging to have them slip in a couple brass rods, stainless, etc., at the end or something.

LIMITED QUANTITIES - I'm going to make about the same number of these as I did the Ti Dragons, EXCEPT ... only HALF of them will be available for sale here on FF, with the other half shipping to an on-line vendor with whom I have already committed to a business agreement.  The only difference will be that the selling price from the on-line store will likely be a bit higher.

ELECTRONICS - there have been some requests to go back to the Cub V.2 controller, or User Interface (UI), which actualy runs the LED at FULL DIRECT DRIVE (up to 1700mA!!! - depending on battery size and condition) but achieves its dimming by Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), or a rapid "shuttering" effect whereby the LED is made to "blink" at a very high rate so that it will appear dimmer to the eye than when it is steadily on.  This mean that the dimmer you set it, the longer the "off" sequences and the shorter the "on" periods during the shuttering effect.  As the battery drains the overall brightness gradually becomes less and less, although all the features, different brightness levels, remain although they will all be dimmer (and dimmer) to the same degree as the battery condition.  And over the long haul the LED will likely lose maximum brightness from flux degradation due to being driven so hard (again Direct Drive) all the time.

The upside to this system is that you will have several extra features such as a second UI with smooth-scrolling dimming spread out over 32 levels, so that it appears to dim and brighten smoothly (like a rotary wall dimmer) as the levels are so close to each other.  It will also be programmable to have permanent switch lockout, so that the button must be actuated three times in rapid succession to turn on the light each and every time.  With the regulated driver of the Dragon the switch lockout can only be set to one event, after which it operates as normal.

Also the lowest level on the Cub driver is significantly dimmer to the eye, for those who find the Dragon low still too bright in pitch dark, when their eyes are dark-adjusted.

But many people also like full regulation, so that the amount of output is even and level over the usable lifespan of the battery charge.  There is also something to be said about having five separate current tables, each having its own five levels, which allows you to use the light at the highest table until it runs out of regulation at which point you still have lower tables to switch down to until you exchange or recharge the battery.

So -- half the SDs will have the traditional Dragon circuitry, and the other will contain the Cub V.2 driver.

As the eventual name implies (Small Dragon) I am going to make this light a little smaller, although not so small that only an R123 can be used.  The anecdotal findings in run times I experienced with the much longer 18650 battery on the Dragon have sold me away from the, "smaller is always better" camp, although I don't want the SD to be That small.  So a Pila 150-sized battery tube will be used.

Tentatively the head will be the same size as the Ti-Dragon, as I have not found a better beam using any other reflectors so far.  The hybrid texture pattern of the MR reflector used in the current Dragon offers the best of both worlds, with its orangepeel in the lower surface half providing a smooth middle and outer beam pattern, while the mirrored upper portion outputs cleaner, clearer light for a more powerful hotspot.

The original "Dragon Scale" texturing of the body has been a hit so that won't change, but we'll try running it closer to the tops and bottoms of each piece for a more uniform and consistent look.  I am not sure we can do the CM (Control Module, or center portion) in the same pattern due to possible mismatches when the edges mate up after screwing the body pieces together, but since we moved away from the long, ridgelike scaling of the earlier designs which would have made lining up these ridges impossible, perhaps the latest scale design could be made to work somehow, although no promises.

So in the end, whatever half is LEFT from what you guys don't take will be shipped to the vendor, meaning the two different driver types and the two or three different finishes.

That's about what I can think of at the moment (just got home from work), so give me a shout here about how many, which electronics, and which finish you will prefer.

« on: September 08, 2007, 11:51:54 PM »

Does anyone know "Schwim" or how to get hold of him?  I sent him PMs and an e-mail and no response, yet he paid the $200 deposit for his Dragon long ago and it is now ready to ship...:thinking:

« on: September 03, 2007, 07:17:34 AM »
*UPDATE 9-8-07:


Thread will be locked after that and the voting on the top three or four names of my choosing will take place in a new polling thread.


We're having a Name-That-Dragon contest!  No rules other than your entries should have some reference to what the light is about.

Proposed names so far:
DRAGAL  (Dragon, Aluminum)

Any more ideas?

And please don't feel restricted to only describing the aluminum body material, the light has the same features as its upscale reptilian sibling, the Titanium Dragon, such as the switching program with 5 power tables each with 5 levels, the side mounted switch, etc., and don't forget them bumpy Dragon scales.  But there will be no Dragon Claw bezel this time, it was considered pretty senseless since the entire light will be made of aluminum anyway, regardless what is decided upon as the final finish.

A little later I'll whittle'em down to three or four favs and then run a poll to pick the final name.  The winner shall receive - well, *nothing* if one of my own names gets the majority vote (DOH!), but otherwise the person will receive one of these Al Dragons for nuthin' - not even the shipping charge no matter where you live (Czechoslovakians take note!)...:blob6:

And as always, we here at BulkWare™ gratefully Thank You for your support.

:notworthy:           :notworthy:          :notworthy:           :notworthy:           :notworthy:           :notworthy:           :notworthy:

Note to self:

Mr. Bulk / Anybody Here (echo-echo-echo)?
« on: August 09, 2007, 02:22:16 AM »
Hallooooooo...?  Sounds awful empty, echo-ey and lonely here.  And howcum I don't get my very own Moderator?!?!?! :protest:

Actually I am so used to just being part of our general membership that I would rather post elsewhere whenever I feel my comments would be appropriate; however, I will indeed post here whenever I have any new Modified or Custom Lights For Sale...but I will use the regular B/S/T Forum for resales of lights NOT made by me...a procedure that I ask be followed by all present and future members of this section (Modders, Custom Light Producers and Manufacturers) who have been provided their own Forums.

Other Gear / Review - Bench Crafted Mag-Blok
« on: July 24, 2007, 08:56:45 AM »
This is about a new magnetic holder now available, similar to those magnetic strips you see in garages and industrial areas, for holding tools, nuts, bolts, parts from something being worked on to guard against loss, etc.

It is called the "Mag-Blok" and is appropriately named, being basically a rectangular block of nicely finished wood that is magnetized somehow, mysteriously possessing the ability to attract and firmly latch on to steel and iron objects...

I installed one of these in my kitchen.  The overriding advantages of the Mag-Blok product are that

1) there is no metal-to-metal contact and thus it poses no threat to the sharpened edges of tools nor anything with a fine, polished finish

2) unlike traditional magnetic holders it blends with more surroundings, and users will be comfortable having it in more places around the home.

An area of concern was that if there are no magnets showing, how strong can it be?

The mystery builds...but it has to build tomorrow, when I figure out how to get the dang pics outta my fancy, brand-new digital camera...!

LED Mods / MOVED: 10W HID Flashlight new X-Alpha
« on: June 08, 2007, 03:21:25 AM »
This topic has been moved to HID Lights.

Sheesh, do I gotta do everything myself around here?!?!?! :protest:

:evil6:  Just kidding, it's good to be able to finally do SOME-thing once in awhile, these forum junkie Moderators of ours practically LIVE here and do such a great job that I hardly get to do Anything any more and feel pretty useless sometimes...

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