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Hotwires / Re: Hotwire Resource Thread
« on: May 30, 2013, 10:24:06 PM »
Working on some very useful charts.. here's the first... it shows the multitude of various battery solutions available for some of the different FiveMega (FM) bodies.. there are a lot of options available.. the chart is still growing if there is one missing you notice let me know and i'll update it.

for one.. i didn't include the 4.8V solution on the 1D because i ahve higher goals for that led flashlight.. i found a real 'gem' of a bulb that will run from 14.4V in that host with 4 14500 LiONs.

on to the chart:

How to read:
the battery size is on the left.. quantity across the top and the 'cross' is the 'watt-hour' capacity of the combination (i.e. 6 cells of R123 is 15.1 WH)..

The 'more interesting' combinations are color-coded in the chart and to the right using that color are explained.. e.g. with 'AA' size cells there are two nice options (well three).. a 10.8WH 4 cell battery pack will fit into a 1D-4-cut FM light.. and the default battery carrier is series and will net your 14.4V under load.. but tweaking that carrier to series-parallel you can get 7.4V... but in the same row there is the 21.6WH eight pack of AA-sized Lions... in a holder like modamag's (but series-parallel) you will have 14.4V and it will fit no problem into the FiveMega 3-bore 2D.

I suspect that some of you out there will realize you have more options with the FM light hosts... the 'bulb options' post is coming.


Some one have to realize and i think everyone does.

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