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Post by: ATCUSMC on December 12, 2021, 01:24:59 AM
Ok guys, its been forever since Iíve been on the forum, hopefully everyone is doing well.  Iíve been more into long range shooting and that has consumed my time over the last few years, along with wife, kids, work, etc.. 

The purpose for my posting is that Iím listing one of my last DARPA Def 3Cís for sale.

The light is NIB, with the paperwork that comes with it from DARPA and Surefire.  It doesnít come with batteries for hazmat reasons but works perfectly.  Colors are IR, Blue, and clear.

The last one I sold on CPF a ďfewĒ years ago for $700, so in keeping with current inflation and the likelihood these are even harder to find, Iíll list this one for $700 as well.  Thatís right, no price increase in quite a few years, just need to fund another hobby and so Iím having to sell a few things that I wanted to hold onto for another decade or so.  Yes, Iíve sold a Def 1 and Def 2 as wellÖ.I have still two DEF 3Cís and am deciding to let go of one for now. 

I currently live in Virginia and could do a face to face in Northern VA/Washington DC if someone is close.  If not, Ill ship for free but buyer would be responsible for insurance if desired.  I do not use PayPal any longer due to their recent changes in required reporting to the IRS for selling personally owned items.  Would prefer certified check or money order.  Willing to do zoom or facetime/video chat to prove light works etc. before selling.                   

Let me know if Ive missed anything.