Author Topic: Man, Am I Pumped! I want to create a 1000+ lums flashlight myself (LED)!  (Read 4108 times)

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So check it out, a buddy of mine named Judah has this epic flashlight he bought for 100+ bucks and out performs all of my flashlights, even the ones I spent 70 bucks on.  I was browsing the internet and came across a video that modified a 14 dollar LED flash light with a 900 lum LED and just blew anything away that I've seen that can be done with LED flash lights.

So my question is this, keeping in mind that I am a complete newbie to these forums or any flashlight forums so please have grace on me!, how can I go about creating or modifying a flashlight and create a 1000+ lum (the more the better) flashlight with little money, I'm trying to keep it under 50 if possible.  I have an electronics background and a mechanical background as well but I've never dipped into anything like this before.

I see some of those tutorials at the top but when I begin to start reading them I get a bit overwhelmed with all the techno talk.


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Re: Man, Am I Pumped! I want to create a 1000+ lums flashlight myself (LED)!
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