Author Topic: Flag pole lighting... for 300 flag poles. Any ideas?  (Read 641 times)

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Flag pole lighting... for 300 flag poles. Any ideas?
« on: November 19, 2011, 06:57:54 AM »

First time poster... but I know when to ask the experts, so here I am...

My Scout troop sells a subscription service to put out US flags on six holidays per year.  We put the flags out during daylight hours only and are reaching our limits of getting the flags out in one morning and down that evening... and we'd also like to leave the flags out for weekend holidays... but we are committed to only displaying during daylight hours unless the flag is lit... which is what brings me here.

Commercial landscape solar spotlights don't give me sufficient burn time for a reasonable cost.  By the way, we put out about 300 flags now and if this works out, it would grow rapidly from there.

The flag poles are 1 inch 10' emt conduit.  I've rigged a mounting bracket by using two 1-1/4" lengths of PVC, one around the pole and one to hold a small flashlight pointing up at the flag.  The 3xAAA size cheap-o flashlights fit perfect and cast a reasonable field of light.... but the cheap-o's are miserable in all other regards... which is what brings me here.

I'm looking for advice on if what I'm trying to do is feasible and if so, maybe some suggestions on getting it done.

I will consider modding an existing light or building from scratch from components if it's reasonably easy to do for the large volumes I have.  I've even thought that the pvc holder could have a plexiglass disk glued on top with a led assembly and a screw end cap on the bottom... the batteries, etc in the pvc pipe.

So... the harder questions (for me anyway) is how hard would it be to rig a photocell as a light switch to conserve power.  And assuming I can do that, what kind of battery / led pattern would I need to burn for 1, 2, or 3 nights?    the light doesn't have to be super bright.  The beam would idealy be 4 to 5' wide at 10'.

And of course, since a scout is Thrifty, we'd like to build as inexpensively as possible and ideally use rechargeable batteries.

So... am I on a wild goose chase??   Or maybe you have just the right thing in mind??

Thanks in advance for your help and support.
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