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FS: Mr Bulk VIP With Extras!
« on: September 05, 2011, 03:06:57 PM »
FS:  Mr Bulk VIP, With Extras

Mr. Bulk's first true custom light, in excellent condition. Minty, with one or two miniscule spots of anno missing, as shown below.  Accessories include the larger head, lense, 3 extra Kroll clickies and a clip.  Original LuxIII emitter.  Runs on 1x primary123 only.     
Here are some links regarding this great light.

Purchase Price :- $200 / 112
Size:- 105.3mm long 25.2mm Diameter at widest point.
Weight (With Batteries):- 3 1/8 oz. 88g
Battery Type / Qty :- 1off CR123A (Surefire, Duracell, Panasonic or similar)
Battery Life :- 47Minutes at full power, 3Hours 30Minutes at Half Power and 68Hours at Low Power
Many Thanks to Roy on CPF for his Runtime plots Roy's Runtime Plots
LED Type :- 3W Luxeon
Rated Output:- Unknown but probably around 75 Lumens on High
Estimated LED Lifespan:- Over 100,000 Hours (That's an awful lot of expensive batteries)
Colour:- White
Reflector Type :- Plastic Drop in
Lens Material :- Ultra Clear Coated Glass
Electronics:- Regulation to ensure constant light output for the length of the battery life
Body Material :- Aluminium alloy with type III HA black anodising
Limited production run of only 313 lights makes this a collectors item

Price:  $165, PP/CONUS. No trades.

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