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Fenix TK60 Review
« on: June 21, 2011, 07:04:02 AM »

I purchased the Fenix TK60 from Fenix Outfitters.

Comes with a carrying strap, extension tube and spare o-rings.

Uses 4D sized batteries with extender on.

Uses an XM-L Led.

SMO (Smooth) Reflector.

I believe it's an AR Coated lens. I can tell when I have the TK60 on and look from the side I can see some blue color in the glass.

Rear view of the head.

The left button is for the changing the levels. The levels are low, medium, high then turbo. when in strobe you can click into SOS.

The right button is to turn on the TK60. It's a reverse clickie. If you double click it goes into a "debilitating" strobe. The strobe in high really seems to mess with my eyes!

The threads are square and were generously lubed. The extender threads weren't lubed.

Inside view of the tail cap.

Tail stands

Carrying Strap installed


These are the Lumens and run times from Fenix:

Turbo - 800 Lumens - 4hrs 16min

High - 350 Lumens - 12Hrs

Medium - 111 Lumens - 40hsr

Low - 10 Lumens - 400hrs

Strobe - 800 Lumens 

SOS - 111 Lumens

It says Fenix Products are strictly in line with ANSI Standard. The testing Data more scientific and specific. I don't know what all this means?


I took Lux readings with the Tenergy D Sized 10,000mAh Nimh Batteries fully charged. I used my Meterman LM631 Light Meter.

These are the batteries I used.

Fenix TK60, Turbo - 45,936 Lux @ 1 Meter

Fenix TK60, High - 15,280 Lux @ 1 Meter

Fenix TK60, Medium - 4,680 Lux @ 1 Meter

Fenix TK60, Low - 370 Lux @ 1 Meter


Fenix TK60 @ 96"

Fenix TK60, Low @ 32'

Fenix TK60, Medium @ 32'

Fenix TK60, High @ 32'

Fenix T60, Turbo @ 32'

Fenix T60, Turbo @ 146' or 44.5 meters

Fenix T60, Turbo @ 210' or 64 meters

The next outdoor beam shots are at distances not measured.


The Fenix TK60 is a very excellent made light. Threads are square and generously lubed. The threads feel smooth but are tight.The finish is Type III Hard Anodize and is excellent with good color matching and no flaws.

The hot spot on the bean is very white. Outside the hot spot has a very slight green tint. It's the brightest XM-L light that I have. I have 5 XM-L lights and 4 of them are "throwers". I  knew when I first turned on the TK60 it was going to be the brightest.

In strobe mode the TK60 had the strongest effect on my eyes. As I said earlier it's "debilitating"!  I was looking at it about 5 feet from my wall.

I did notice the lens looks to have an AR Coating. When I turn on the light and look too the side of the lens I can see some blue in it.

It does take a second to find the on switch. I hold it and rotate the TK60 to find the switch.

Not bad run times as told by Fenix. Turbo - 800 Lumens - 4hrs 16min. I like to run my lights in high.

The Fenix TK60 is a very long light and has some weight to it.

Fenix did an excellent job with this light.

Cost of the Fenix TK60 was $110.65. I got 10% off a Twitter special.

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Re: Fenix TK60 Review
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2011, 05:58:23 AM »

I did a quick check with the 4D vs the 3D batteries. The batteries weren't fully charged. I got the same lux readings in Turbo with the 4D vs the 3D batteries.

The lux readings I got were both at 45,425 Lux @ 1 Meter.

Surprising. Maybe the extra battery increases the run time.