Author Topic: Price help on VIP, Lionheart, Lion Cub (all with accesories)  (Read 3941 times)

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Price help on VIP, Lionheart, Lion Cub (all with accesories)
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:01:53 PM »
I've moved away from flashlights: yes it is possible ;)  So I'm thinking of selling some of my Mr. Bulk lights to fund other hobbies.

Any input on the value of my packages below would be much appreciated.  Also, maybe someone can refresh my memory on exactly what I have (i.e. what tube are for what batteries).

Package one: VIP

Package two: Lion Heart

Package three: Lion Cub RAW

Package four: Lion Cub Nat

Misc: not sure what the donuts, o-rings and reflector go to

General condition is excellent.  Very light use (no pun intended).

This is not an auction.  I'm not soliciting offers to buy.  I would just like some input on current value ;)

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Re: Price help on VIP, Lionheart, Lion Cub (all with accesories)
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2011, 11:38:19 AM »
Blast from the past!  Nice to see ya checking in.

Here are my thoughts on absolute minimum values:

1) In your VIP, You have a Lion Head which should go with you Black Lion Cub.  For the other VIP set, I think it would be worth a minimum of $200.  You should be able to get a lot more for it if it is good condition - especially the finish.  The BBH (the large Head in the set) is rare and were in demand.

2) On the Nat HA Lionheart, again minimum value should be around $200.  Partial depends on which software the board has installed.

3) Lion Cub Package - partially depends on any modifications, which board, etc, I would place an absolute minimum at $275.  The extra 150 & 168 tubes are rare.

4) On the Black Lion Cub, they are a little harder to find, with the extra head pictured in set #1, I would place a minimum value at $350, especially with the 2 battery tubes.

5) Misc stuff - throw in the rubber battery caps with the tubes and I think those foam rings go with the VIP.  Looks like you have an extra LC reflector that would go with a LC kit.

These are all in the collector's market now.  Demand goes up and down on a lot of the bulk lights.  Since the cubs are easily upgradable, they can demand a lot more in value.

My minimum prices are based on trading value shortly after they were released.  The emitters are the only thing that don't really hold value as much.

I have similar to everything except I don't have a VIP set :( - I would not let them go for my minimum prices above unless I was homeless or about to be homeless.  Not to mention ROI if you would have put the money in the bank and inflation.

Others may disagree - maybe we can discuss it?

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