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I recently bought the Power Pro Craft 20 million candlepower rechargeable spotlight $40 from Tractor Supply. It is a very bright searchlight that is almost completely throw based; it has a tight pencil beam spot that will reach and brightly illuminate objects hundreds of yards away.

Some information on this light:

Uses a 55W 12V H3 dual filament halogen bulb (55W on high I believe, not sure about the low filament)
Twin 6V SLA rechargeable batteries.
Huge, deep reflector just over 6'' in diameter.
Extremely light weight.
Very long runtime at full brightness compared to other halogen spotlights.
Charges from both AC and DC power adaptors, and also comes with a different special 12V
 DC cord that plugs into a port on the handle to run it directly from 12V power.
Comes with a carry strap.
Blue colored bulb provides unusually white light for being halogen and really seems to improve its performance.

I am very impressed with the performance of this light. I think it is a great and highly versatile spotlight that anyone should consider if you are looking for a budget thrower. It doesn't have the extreme light output seen from 12V 75+ watt halogen spots and 35W HID spots, but has incredible throw and a perfect hotspot on the high setting. It does however have a longer runtime due to being 55W. I personally use this light all the time for practical uses as well as recreational uses as its light weight, extreme long range and runtime make it a pleasure and excellent to use no matter what purpose it is used for. The only thing I don't like about this light is that its plastic housing is rather fragile compared to some other spotlights I own, and will dent if struck on a hard surface with force. Otherwise, this light is amazing in all other areas and competes almost evenly with my Stanley HID3000 in throw/beam distance range. I will add beam photos in the next day or so, but for now here are a good number of pictures showing the light. UPDATE: I have now added a beamshot of this light shining at my house from some distance.

NOTE: I am sorry these images are so large. I chose the wrong camera setting and don't seem to have a tool to resize them at my image hosting site. You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar directly below the bottom of my post (located at the bottom of the last photo) to see the right side of my photos.

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