Author Topic: How to post a non-hosted picture.  (Read 4750 times)

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How to post a non-hosted picture.
« on: October 04, 2007, 12:49:28 AM »
For our members who do not have a hosting service or don't wish to use a hosting service to post images. You can post an image as an attachment to your post in 3 or 4 easy steps.

1. After composing your post click on the Additional Options... as shown in the first picture with the big arrow. ( click on thumbnail to enlarge image)

2. Click on Browse... You will see a pop up box where you can navagate to the file stored on YOUR computer and click OPEN. The URL for your file should now be in the attach window next to the browse button as shown in the second picture.

3. If you have more than one picture click on More Attachments as shown in the third image, and click on the second Browse button.

When you are done, click Post.

Remember the 128 KB size limit........I find if you keep the width to about 600 pixles you should be ok.


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