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« on: August 12, 2005, 07:57:35 AM »

"The flashlight hobby forum made up of Flashaholics, by Flashaholics, for Flashaholics."

Welcome To Flashlight Forums!

The foremost aim of our little lighting forum is to rekindle the environment of an earlier time, when internet boards were smaller, were made up of known and trusted members, where members had no politics or agendas to promote, where disagreements between people were settled on their own in a civil and friendly manner, and where the primary purpose was to enhance our enjoyment of this most compelling and rewarding hobby.

Flashlight Forums is not meant to replace or compete with any other flashlight discussion board, but to simply offer a different kind of playground for us "Flashaholics", a haven we can come to where open and genuine communications can freely take place with few rules.

Of course we encourage you to keep in mind the old saying, “Let common sense be your guide”, as well as the fabled Golden Rule – posting (speaking) to others in the same way you would want others to speak to you.

We have now completed the process of acquiring our own specific domain along with the new name of Flashlight Forums, and my own name is no longer used as the title, thus assuring there are no restrictions on what kinds of - and whose - lights can be presented/discussed here, as long as it is done in a cordial and non-confrontational way.

No member is discouraged from pursuing the hobby from a commercial aspect, although it is hoped that the items offered can be unique and leading-edge.  In fact truly new and fresh ideas and products, developed and even built by ourselves, will likely be of greater interest than webstores simply offering flashlight items already commercially available, although they do serve their own important functions as well.  And of course Group Buys, where significant savings can be realized through bulk purchasing, are always a good thing and indeed encouraged.

So again, the main thing is the enjoyment of the hobby.  You are hereby invited to sit back, kick off your shoes, relax and get into the spirit of our new home, a different kind of playground, your own personal clubhouse...and a breath of fresh air.

Welcome aboard  FF!   :hugme:

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