Author Topic: Best 2x18650 Thrower for under $75?  (Read 2789 times)

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Best 2x18650 Thrower for under $75?
« on: April 25, 2014, 04:33:46 AM »
Hi all. Haven't posted much here but have been a member since 2007. I own lots of flashlights from cheap ones to 1000 lumens. My next light that I want is a 2x18650 light that is a great thrower. Tons of lights out there but I want your opinions on what you have been happy with for a great thrower. I'm well aware that many websites advertise lumens that are nowhere near real so I am looking for real-world experiences from those of you that own such lights. Not opposed to a single 18650 light but really would like a 2x18650 light. Thanks for any input you can give.
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