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Clone $65   Green Laser  Comes with pressure switch, takes 2 cr123 (I ran it with 2 RCR123) Made of ABS Plastic

Steamlight $250 (The Real Deal!)

I ordered a copy of the TLR-2 from China in Green Laser (which is hard to find in 2012) for $65 shipped. The streamlight cost $250 +  My older, red laser version was around $150.  The clone light was suppose to be an incandescent (the reason I bought it) but the shipped light was a LED (pretty bright too). The Green laser is very bright. Unfortunately after about 10 seconds it dims down because enclosure around laser is plastic instead of metal... Heat build-up reduces the laser power... Lesson = Get what you pay for  :-[



I bought this Clone Laser / Light for a Semi Auto BB Machine gun at $130  Umarex EBOS

Lots of Fun for a Semi Old Man of 47!  I played Paint Ball 10 years ago on a team so I'm ready for action! You can hook this up to CO2 bottles or use HPA (High Pressure Air) for cheap shooting thrills!

Fire Foxes FF4 in stock and ready to ship.
You can send me a PM me here at site or contact me directly at for information.
Prices and info at the top of this post:

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Very cool! I wonder if you could open up the thing and find a way to manage the heat; I've toyed in  the past with cheap LED lights and non-conductive  heat compounds, paired with ground up copper and aluminum, with decent results. It's amazing how cheap some of the green lasers out there are, but I wonder about the IR filtration, even for the user.

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Re: TLR-2 Weapon Light / Laser Modification Green Red Clone Copy Mod China
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What's the second picture?