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Flashlight Components / Suggestions Please
« on: April 27, 2011, 03:17:05 PM »
Hello, I am new to the forums and didn't even know people got together to talk about their hobby of flashlights.  I myself love flashlights and have a few, nothing powerful and crazy but they work for me and my budget lol

Now heres the delima, I am looking for a flashlight that will mount to a rail system on a rifle, preferably with a pressure switch.  I have a few already but over the years they pooped out on me.  But now I would like one with a strobe funtion, one that when used for CQB when playing airsoft will do it's job on the person I am entering a room on. To give you an idea of the environment I will be using this light in heres a video of where I will be using this and playing airsoft... It's a 21 hour non stop game and this place gets dark at night lol and the buildings become nightmares and I want my squad to have the upper hand using strobe lights on our guns to enters rooms with. Now with my past experience, I have used UTG flashlights and they have amazing throw for outside the buildings and extremely powerful bulbs for indoors, but they didn't strobe, they went on/off.  I have been blinded by strobe lights before used for entering rooms and man they work lol

I have checked out the 3w strobe flashlight on ebay and amazon, cheap and got mixed reviews, also I was looking at barska's 200lumens strobe flashlight for $80 dollars, looks pretty solid and my company has an account with them so i could get good pricing on the light. I also checked the UTg strobe light with 5 functions.  Honestly I don't know enough about any of these lights or other lights to make a decision.
Before I bite the bullet on any light I figured I would hear what the pros have to say about suggestions.  I am figuring around 80 dollars would be the goal price being that I have multiple guys interested in buying one as well, probably around 8 guys...

Thanks in advance guys

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