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Maybe some of you may be interested:

Petzl E 93 PT Tikka 2 Headlamp, Tropical Blue

Regular Price $29.95 - lightning deal only $$21.49

You have to purchase through the lightning deal page here:

As of time of posting, just over an hour left and 38% claimed.


:wav: :wav: :wav: :wav:


Damascus Chameleon #7 of 24

:wav: :wav: :wav: :wav:

First a bit of background on this light.

Pics and discussion can be found here:

(sorry about the size - but isn't bigger always better?)

This light was produced by the master, Mr. Bulk in 2006.

First regarding the quotes about the light.

The Damascus steelmaker is Mr. Delbert Ely, and he has assured me the steel is the same as William Henry's,

except custom laminated in a wider and bolder pattern for this light so that the Damascus appearance is immediately

apparent to the casual onlooker

the steel maker forges these bars by hand and can only do 1 (that's ONE) bar, about a foot long, at a time. 

.... There has been nothing closer to a handmade light body up to this point than the DamCham.

Now, some of my *own* thoughts....

~ a week ago when I started a thread about the *possible* sale of this light - it wasn't that I had been thinking,

"man I wish I could sell this light (or others)".  It was, in reality, a response to a number of inquiries I have received over the

last 6 months wanting to purchase the light.  I have sold 3 Mr. Bulk lights since I became hooked, and still regret

everyone that I let go.

But back to #7 - it is one heapin' hunk of Damascus - for those who have been lucky enough to own one - you know

this light is heavy.  It is a trophy of sorts - while some may carry some of the Ti beauties out there - most will

put this own display.  A few owners, AWTYD and EricMack had their lights further enhanced by a knife maker (whose

name/user name escapes me at the moment).  Again - some day - if the Smithsonian ever has a place for technical

art, this would have to be in their collection.  At this point, no other maker has come close to a light with this

much Damascus steel (and most likely never will).  A mini-pocket light, a light with Damacus accents, but not one of this level.

Now back to me for a moment - I have really agonized about selling this light.  Yes there is financial temptation

- I mean I keep thinking - OK if I sell it - perhaps I can get other toys.  Everytime I have picked it up to take a

picture, or to show it to others, I really want to just put it back and forget about value - it is art, decadence, produced to be

something to look at versus something to look at something with.  Anyway - it hasn't been carried, just a little bit of oil for

protection.  The tritium vial was defective on arrival, and *somewhere* I have a replacement for it (green).

Now if I don't sell it, well then I will not be sad (see above).  If the lowest selling price doesn't please

someone, then I am truly sorry, but incentive I must have to part with the beauty, history, and of course the good

times I have shared with a number of you here.

Terms of sale:

The price of the light will not include shipping.  I can ship by multiple means.  I can ship from a European

address (might help some with customs/VAT), or I can ship via USPS.  I can insure it, track it - whatever a

potential buyer desires.  However, once in the mail, I can't be responsible for what happens.  Not that I have ever

had a lost or damaged light, but just a reminder of the risk.

I am not sure of how the current PayPal fees work - I still have the basic free account and last time I

checked, when people paid me via normal PP (non CC paypal or check PP) I didn't have any fees.  If that has changed,

someone let me know - I will keep fees in mind during the selling process.  I am also game for other methods of

payment - but as any seller would do, first payment and then shipment.

I will post a starting price for this light in U.S. dollars.  Again, if there is a buyer who wants to pay in Euros,

we can see what arrangements can be made offline.

If no one is interested due to the price of the light, I *may* drop the price.  If no takers, I *may* drop the price again. 

At some point, I *may* decide that I really should keep this light and pull it from sale.

First to say "I'll take it" or some similar means of expression has it (assuming payment).  Of course I reserve the

right to cancel everything at anytime and run away like a baby crying for his bottle (and DamCham).

Any errors in posting, etc can be corrected - I want everyone to be happy after all!

Now lets have some fun!

Feel free to comment, joke, and carry-on as we have always done on F-F.  I hope a few of you negligent members will

stop buy to hang out.  In the end, we may sell this light, we may not - but we will have some fun or else!

This sale could go on for days - my ability to come in - make a change - make annoying comments - a joke - answer a

question - or something else to drive up my post count ------ well it all depends on work (I work in emergency

services), the family, the "honey-do" list, etc, etc, etc.

So now let the games begin.

The starting price for the Mr. Bulk's Damascus Chameleon #7 is:








Talk Story / Heads Up - *considering* selling my Damascus Chameleon
« on: January 19, 2010, 07:22:50 PM »
Hi everyone - due to a few inquiries about the possible sale of my DamCham, I wanted to give everyone a bit of lead time that I may be considering parting with this fine gem.

If interested, drop me a pm - or even if you think I shouldn't sell it - pm as well.  Heck you can just pm me for no good reason but to say hi!

Spread the word - this could be a ***RARE*** occasion that Geologist parts with one of Mr. Bulk's "special" lights!

[more to come]



Note Trit Vial was defective on arrival.  Never bothered yet to pop the spare in!

Lucky Number 7

My old Li-Ions are starting to wear out, some have exceeded the 5 year mark, and I still have some unprotected cells in use.  Looking to get some 150S (yes S) sized batteries, 168S (yes S) batteries, and perhaps some newer R123 (prefer the slimmer ones that will fit a wider variety of lights).

Have y'all moved on to the newer chemistries?  Are they better and more expensive?  Worth the upgrade?

Any thoughts, info, links are appreciated.  Need to perhaps ask Dae as well.


Other Gear / 2nd generation Mino HD
« on: January 06, 2010, 08:32:18 PM »
During Black Friday Week, I picked up a 2nd generation Mino HD at AmmaZZon for $200 and have been shooting video with it for the last month.  Great little gadget - shoots HD 720p - the camera stores 2 hours of video and the battery last 2 hours.  The camera is slick, tiny, and it gets carried around so I have it when I need it.  All software is built into the camera and it has an HDMI out to hook it directly to the TV.  I am impressed - would like to have image stablization - but other than that, I can not complain!

Can't hot link so check below for pics and details:

General Flashlight Discussion / Minor Flashlight Adventure Story
« on: January 06, 2010, 08:04:41 PM »
Not really worthy of the great accomplishments of SF lights so I thought I would share here.

Spent the last week in the Alps and while chasing down a 6 year old, inadvertly dropped my SF C3 in the snow.

A couple of days later, it was discovered (not by me) but returned to me as most know of my flashaholic sickness.

The light was frozen and caked in ice.  Took it inside, ran some hot water over it, and it lit up with no problems - well except for the P150S batteries that are on their last legs anyway.

Should have seen the others faces when I threw it in the sink for a bath - priceless.


Talk Story / F-F Check In
« on: October 19, 2009, 02:07:27 PM »
Check in! 

Hope all are well!


Talk Story / Hi Guys
« on: June 10, 2009, 09:30:46 PM »
Hi Guys!

Crazy times.  Just Crazy!

Not been very connected for awhile.

Hope everyone is well.


Talk Story / Still in the dark ages (pun intended)
« on: September 07, 2008, 09:39:51 AM »
Well - I haven't checked in in ~4 weeks or so - I recently completed a move to a new home - but due to minor technical issues, I am still without telephone and Internet service ;( .  Finally got to a computer that is on the wire coupled with a bit of time - I am online again.

Can't wait to be part of the information age again!

All of the lamps and lighting aren't yet finish at the new place - so various portable lighting devices are being used daily.  I haven't told the wife that that was my plan all along.  Still trying to find lights from the move - but the RPM'd Mr. B LC, my EDC Chammie, Hyperion, Eternalights, ZZZ & Flame lights are all seeing daily use.

Anyone know of some good (hi power) LEDs to replace Halogen dimmable lamps?


Talk Story / Geo's F-F 3rd Birthday Clam Giveaway!
« on: July 09, 2008, 07:59:44 PM »
Wanna win 1,000,000 F-F Clams?

Well as F-F approaches its 3rd (not 1st or 2nd but 3RD) birthday, now is a time to pm/email those old friends and have them stop by for a visit. 

And the prize?  HMMMM - how do ya win 1,000,000 F-F clams?

OK - lets start by a good F-F story.  Best F-F story wins based on voting in this thread.

Deadline July 32nd, 2008.  Make your submission a GOOD one so all can share in the fun.  Could be thinking about how you got here, something that happened here at F-F - a thread - a project - anything is game - but keep it fun.

I will also enter in the spirit of the event -

Any ties will split the F-F clam prize.

Any questions?

Now get to thinking and typing - and get all the other lazy F-F members to login for some F-F fun

Edit - we need ENOUGH participation by both users entering/commenting/voting etc.

Good luck!  -Geo

« on: July 09, 2008, 07:50:04 PM »

By my calculations - 1 week to go - July 16, 2005

LED Mods / Exolion Ti Lens
« on: July 06, 2008, 10:58:19 AM »
Got some cracking on my lovely Exolion Ti.

Anyone know the best place to get a replacement lens?


Talk Story / Hi guys!
« on: July 02, 2008, 06:52:14 PM »
Hi everyone - I've been out of pocket for awhile - due to personal, work, and technology reasons.

I hope to be back on a regular basis (if the technology problem stays away).

Hope all is well and everyone's light's are shining!


Talk Story / Guess the light and win lotsa F-F Clams !
« on: February 17, 2008, 05:49:18 PM »
This past week, I found a great deal on some flashlights.  Maybe time to have a guessing contest.  Lets play 20 questions!

Right now we will play for clams!  Hint pics will be provided if absolutely necessary - but I think almost any pic will give it away (IMO).

OK Clam prizes?

OK the *purse* is currently at 40,000 F-F clams.  Right now, each question drops the purse by 1,000 clams.  A photo may cost 5000 clams.

Other special prizes may include some F-F collector items no longer available in the F-F shop.  Who knows?

Please phrase your questions so that I can give brief one or two word answers.  I may be answering from my phone as many know things have been quite busy here of late.

Now lets have some fun - all comments, snide remarks, jokes (especially about Dad & EM) are more than welcome!

Everything is subject to change.  And all rules could be final.  For a transcript/privacy policy statement, please see the management or consult something or someone...

Let the games begin!

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