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It has been a long time but I just made some of these and thought I would check to see if anyone is interested in some Silicone Switch boots (Red) for the Chameleons, LionHearts, and Cubs.    I only have these in Silicone (Red) right now.  I am looking for material to make them in different colors but none at the moment.   I tried to do a search for these on the internet but came across a thread that was back from 2011.  I didn't want to post in that thread to revive it.

Here is a picture showing what the boots look like.  These boots give a nice tactical feel.

Flashlight Components / Chameleon Lantern Head? Interested?
« on: April 12, 2006, 06:19:08 AM »
This thread is to find out how many people are interested in a Lantern Head for the Chameleon light. 

  I would like to find out how many lantern heads people are interested in purchasing.  The cost would be around $6.00 / head.  Not sure because I might change the design to a dome head instead of the flat top head like the ones I made for the VIP (VIP ones you can find on my website).

  If someone is willing to help out with keeping track of the people interested that would be a great.


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