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Seems that nowadays I'm gravitating more towards the AA and multiple AA form factor for my lights.  The slimmer diameter makes for easier pocket carry, and the availability of the AA in various chemistries is excellent and economical.

I have a Fenix L1T/L2T set coming that will get some serious use, but was curious about the offerings from Mag.  So, I now have the 3AA version sitting on my desk now.

Now I know that the target market segment for these lights don't necessarily include the die hard flashaholics amongst us.  Old school technology in the driver and very poor thermal management don't scream 'buy me'.

Still, I'm a little surprised...

I'm surprised by the brightness.  Pop in 3 Nimh AAs and it is bright, maybe slightly brighter than a MM Lite sandwich running on fresh batts right off the charger.  Doing the ceiling bounce test compared to my E2e it is unmistakenly less, but not by a whole lot...I'd say about 2/3 as bright.

I'm surprised by the tint.  A little cool for my tastes, but nice and 'white'.

I'm surprised by the beam characteristics.  It puts out a decent spot with very useable corona.  Only slight rings in the beam.  Not nearly as nice an overall beam as a McR20, but not bad either.   With some light pollution from the street lamps, I can still see down the length of my yard (about 100 ft) pretty well.  I'm not blinded by an intense hotspot when shining the light at my feet either. 

I'm surprised that I don't hear more about these lights.  Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I'd expect to see a little more talk.  Sure, there are better offerings out there, but this is a damn good value at $28.  Not to mention that this is an excellent platform to introduce others to better lights.

I'm NOT surprised that I'm putting this light into my man-bag as part of my EDC.  Pretty decent performance, easy to find batteries, and compared to my Bulk and McGizmo lights, easy to replace. 

General Flashlight Discussion / Fenix L1T vs. Jetbeam MkII
« on: September 12, 2006, 01:13:32 AM »
I'm looking into pocket friendly single AA applications, and the Fenix L1T and Jetbeam MkII seem to be a couple of good offerings.   Both seem equal in terms of overall output as well as runtimes so I'm looking for user feedback on the pros and cons of each.  Any comments or advice on another light are appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

General Flashlight Discussion / WOW
« on: July 12, 2006, 08:07:11 AM »


Flashlight Components / Best CR123 for a single cell light?
« on: May 26, 2006, 08:42:51 PM »
My question comes from the Best Bang for your Buck angle. 

What 123 battery would you get for a constant current, single cell light? 

The light (FFII) is an EDC that doesn't need to be 100% reliable.  I can tolerate a bad cell here and there, but having too many cells die prematurely is NOT acceptable either.

Does the more expensive Surefire get the nod over the BatteryStation offering because it performs better in Tom's tests?  Would your answer change depending on the amount of batteries you are buying? $100 will get you about 28 more CR123s from BatteryStation versus ordering direct from Surefire (shipping not taken into consideration). 

To throw in a curve at the end.  Would your answer change if you used these same batteries in a 2 or more cell light?

General Flashlight Discussion / OOOOOOPS! RE: Photon ordering
« on: May 05, 2006, 06:50:34 AM »
To whomever posted the thread about the Photon pre-order I accidentally deleted the thread.  Can you please repost in BST?

Thanks and sorry about that!


I have an obsessive disorder when it comes to new hobbies/interests.  Endless research on every minute detail, pouring over product catalogs/reviews, and nitpicking on pieces in my collection.  This behavior usually lasts a year or two until I loose interest, or I acquire something that fills my need.  During that time though, I find myself spending way too much money buying stuff.

There are less than a handful of things that I always seem to go back to:  knives, guns, and building fishing rods, but I never have the same fire (or desire to purchase things) than when I first started out. 

Flashlights are different...somehow.  The obsession seems to be growing.

While I have liked and used flashlights as far back as I can remember, I only started getting serious about this 'hobby' fairly recently.  My interest peaked (and my wallet shrank) after joining CPF but I soon found myself being drawn to other things. 

After a couple of years of having lights on the backburner, I find myself back into it AGAIN.  This is the ONLY ‘hobby’ I’ve returned to with this much enthusiasm.  I’m finding that lights on my NEED TO HAVE list are making my wallet whimper.

I can’t explain it.  From a practical standpoint I don’t need any more lights.  I am not a collector in the classic sense.  If I don’t have a use for a light it gets sold or given away.  Maybe I just don’t like the dark…

What is it about lights that people are so strongly drawn to?  Do most of you go through a cycle like I have?  Once the ‘newness’ of this hobby wore off, what kept bringing you back?

General Flashlight Discussion / Power Outage
« on: April 22, 2006, 02:34:35 AM »
We had a short power outage a couple of nights ago, and wanted to share some observations on some lights that were used and the practical aspect of our hobby.

Glo-Toob - I received a green version just the other week for use during evening runs, but it came in handy lighting up my daughter's room.  Even in low mode, it gave off adequate light to keep my daughter calm, and the color was intruiging enough that she played with it for 15 minutes before finally falling asleep.  I'm picking up more of these as they not only have good output, but are pretty sturdy.

RR Lantern - Plenty bright with decent coverage for a medium sized room with light colored walls and carpets.  I had scuffed up the globe to get rid of the retina-burning glare and even out the ringy output.  I hung it up in our living room, and it easily lit up the area well enough to move around in.  Reading was difficult, but not impossible.  I'm really liking this lantern and will be looking to pick up a couple more.

MMag with MMLite sandwich - Good for non-flashaholics as everyone is familiar with operating a MMag.  Output was more than adequate for anything indoors.

LC - This is what I had in my pocket when the lights went out.  Tailstanding ability was KEY!!  I was with my daughter and I set the LC down on the dresser while I went to the adjacent room to grab other lights.  It lit up the room well and kept my daughter happy until I came back with the Glo-Toob.  High setting helped a neighbor with locating something he dropped in his garage even when I was in my yard and the garage was a good 30-40 feet away.

PT Aurora - Light, variable output, easy to use.  Blue tint of the 5mm LEDs were distracting compared to the LC/MM/RR but no big deal inside.  Hands free lighting makes life easier.  If I didn't have the headlamp, I'd use the LC in candlemode.

Though I don't have a lot of lights compared to others, I usually leave a light (this time it was the MMag) on a counter near our kitchen.  My wife knows it is there, and that was the light she went for as it was the closest to her.  There are others around the house as well.  Some in drawers, but most in easy to access areas.  All of these lights are MMag or of similar function and pretty much anyone can use a MMag.  Output is way adequate for indoor use.  I usually have one in my daughter's room, but when my wife cleaned up the room, the light has gone missing.......

My sister in law once plafully teased me about carrying a light around with me all the time and all the lights I leave around the house.  Kinda ironic, as her house was affected by the outage too.  I heard my wife say, 'are you sure you don't want me to send Brian over cause we have lights to spare?!'

General Flashlight Discussion / Why did you choose your EDC lights?
« on: April 07, 2006, 01:45:09 AM »
Aside from the cool gadet factor and the flashaholic's affinity for high powered lighting, what are some traits that you REQUIRE your EDC lights to have and how do you use them?  I know that this topic has been visited and re-visited numerous amounts of time, but I always find it interesting to see how people in various circumstances choose and use their equipment. 

For myself, I have a desk job in a well lit office that requires no supplemental lighting for day to day operations.  I RARELY use my lights while in the office except to assist with the ocassional PC repair.  I do however love the outdoors and like to spend as much time outside as possible.  With outdoor use in mind, I need my light to be/have in order of importance:

1) Reliable/Rugged  Needs to turn on everytime I want it to and survive multple drops
2) Water resistant.  Dunkable in salt water without worrying about function or corrosion
3) Small.  About LC size is the max I can carry comfortably on my person for any length of time.  For lights I pack, A2 size. 
4) Multiple light levels.  I don't need full power all the time, but it is good to have.
5) Decent throw.  Anything smaller than a 20 mm reflector leaves me wanting more.

Other Gear / Spare 123s
« on: March 31, 2006, 07:47:00 AM »
I have been trying to figure out a way to carry spare 123s with me in my pants pocket, but can't seem to find a suitable container.

What do you use to carry around your spare 123s? 

General Flashlight Discussion / MOVED: LEO's can you believe it
« on: February 06, 2006, 09:43:47 AM »

General Flashlight Discussion / MOVED: Batteries
« on: November 01, 2005, 07:51:34 AM »

This topic has been moved to LED Mods.

I'm going to move this over to the Mod section.

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