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That looks like an interesting "dinner" you're going to have with all those FF4's on the kitchen counter waiting to be prepared.

If we keep in mind that it roughly takes a  4X's increase in output to see only a significant difference in brightness then what you're saying makes sense.  With only double Lux, it won't appear that much different.

I've got some new toys to keep me busy so I don't need mine right away if it helps.

Here's a tidbit on focusing.  The Spectrolab NightSun has focusing ability from a 4 degree beam to a 20 degree beam.  That 16 degree change is obtained by only .200" of reflector movement.  So every .00125"  of movement changes the beam by one degree.

Looks like the 20 are gone. 

OK, I'm in, I'll grab one of these.

Great pics Lips!  Really shows how the new reflector tightens up the beam.

I wonder what the reasoning was for the one-shot 60 Watt limitation.  To me, the tailcap should have been the On/Off switch and the side switch should have been momentary 24-40-60, repeat as often as desired.

I'm anxious but I'd like to wait for the 2nd batch - to be made - so hopefully less of them little buggies flying around!

Very helpful update.  Explains a lot of the variables that I was not aware of.

The charger will work fine.  You'll be able to charge one at a time using magnets or find one of those 4-cell plastic charging trays and wire it up for parallel charging to charge all 4 at one time.  Pretty sure the protected's will not fit without cutting off most of the contact spring.  Unprotected's will fit.  Not sure if you can charge them in the OEM carrier.  It's got circuitry in it that may cause issues.

Confirming CPF and CPFMP are down?

EDIT back up now.

I used 2250 CGR's in my FF3 with no issues.

Too bad its longer than FF3 but I guess it's still shorter than the Magic Fire and might actually be nicer for large-handed people

Lips, are you saying that FF4 is nearly an inch longer than FF3?

Also I said 2 millimeters longer but it's 2 centimeters longer

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