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Post by: old4wheeler on July 17, 2005, 03:41:43 AM
It this where all the LH, LC, Lh stuff will reside?
Post by: lk99bt on July 17, 2005, 04:15:55 AM
hope i get eduuuucated over here!  i had the lion cub for 3 or 4 days before i wondered if it had variable intensities, like the LH...what a thrill when that little light started purring away, zipping up and down from bright to dim .. c'mon you guys, all of us ain't engineers, talk to me!!! :-)
Post by: MR Bulk on July 17, 2005, 06:02:18 AM
Three or four days before you -- ??!!  Wowff - I musta not included the direction sheet...sorry about that!

Just in case anyone needs it, the Cub directions are here at George's site:


Good luck!
Title: Re: LiON Lights
Post by: andrewwynn on July 17, 2005, 10:13:24 AM
yeah i had a similar problem trying to guess my way through the V2 OS... i kept turning the autosleep on/off i think vs changing UI mode.. but i got it and i like it a lot.. i keep LH in U0 V1 and have one of my Cubs in U0 and one in U1.. must be nice to have more than one.. i got a really nice deal on a black one to fill out my collection.. one of each.. by somebody who was sooo kind to decide he liked the brass better than the black... bought the brass on the ST deal and sold me the black for the price of the brass.. now that's a way to make friends.. I don't forget things like that.

hmm. LiON lights.. can i talk about *any* kinda LiON lights?

My and NikolaTesla.. a real upstanding guy.. are 50/50 on a project to make literally the worlds brightest flashlight... 'flashlight' being defined as 'self contained' (no cord-mounted battery pack).. though they do 'snap in' ala drill batteries... like the X990..

Current calculations are 90,000 lux and the reflector seemed to put out about a 8-10 deg. beam so it'll be a fairly broad beam, so might only get 100Million lux.. that's good enough to outshoot an arc aaa for about 1 1/2 miles. 10,000 lux on the meter at 100m... but it could be a little brighter.. 200-300Mlux is not out of reach.. all depends on the focus of the reflector..

The first-test of the reflector.. i used of all things.. my first LionCub with the head removed.. i could see a nice disc of light 50 ft away inside.. it was not 'whoa' bright but it was clearly visible on the walls even with ambient light.

I'm a big fan of LiON...

use it in the Nano.. http://rouse.com/nano .. soon to start assembly and shipipng.. whew.. long ride that's been just ask the people on the list (actually i praise them all the time for patience)...

use it for the MiniMighty.. http://rouse.com/mm

use it in the RT4... http://rouse.com/RT4

and will use it in the RT3000 (no website yet.. but do have most of the parts to build it)..

First test of the RT3000 bulb will be within a couple weeks.. batteries are en-route now.. several of the starting options are on the bench and most of the wiring hardware including the transistors to run it and the maglite bodies we're using for handles/switches. (one of our favorite bits.. it's technically a 'maglite mod'.. all you need is a couple 100A 28V batteries.. some 75A relays.. an inductor that weighs about 3#... a sub-system running on 12V to power the 1000CFM fan and a few gauges to monitor volts, current and power.. oh yeah and of course the 3000W cinema projector bulb and reflector.

In any event.. it will be one of my most fun projects i've ever worked on and it'll be mind-numbing to showcase the thing anywhere i take it... it will be about 70-90% of the light that comes out of those 'grand opening' lights but completely hand-held.

It could not be done without the extra-special LiON batteries... 100A cell capability... a 2800W battery that you can hold in one hand... what is the world coming to? I was talking with somebody about using a few of those to power a go-cart... can you imagine? with 4 or 5 of these batteries... that'd be 15-18HP... and no engine.. just the electric motors at the drive wheel.. they could be direct drive.. the torque would be absolutely mind numbing.

whoa.. that's a little off topic :-D.

Which is my favorite LiON light? tough call between the GOLD RAW Ubin and the LionCub right now... the MM runs on wood batteries right now.. inexpensive but have the MAH rating of a carrot... you can see my current MM on the MM page.. where it's sitting between my LH and my VIP.

Post by: raggie on July 17, 2005, 10:18:23 AM
so ya ameking a incan andrew?
Post by: andrewwynn on July 17, 2005, 10:44:45 AM
well it sure isn't an LED... but i think arc lights aren't 'incandescent' although the anode heats up to something like 3000F.. and will glow incandescent for about 10 solid minutes after shutdown...

I might buy an incandescent though.. a hotwire 9AA mod with the right bulb will put 30,000 lux out of a mag head.. and that ain't happen' ANY time soon with LED... considering.. that 4xUX1L run at 1100mA is about 9000lux.

I have a mod on the table that'll be made the first week i get my first 100 or 1000 K2s... a 14 emitter 35W LED light... 1400 lumen and 28,000+ lux.. i'm a nut for LED what can i say.. yeah... a less expensive incan can have a brighter spot.. but all the benefits of LED are strong with my light... can dim down to 'runs for days' mode and one twist of the dial and you are up to 'holy crap! that's LED!?'.

funny to point out 'awr making non-LED'... heck i like all lights if they meet a certain set of criteria.. mostly an arbitrary and somewhat unknown mysterious lumen per cubic inch figure... which apparently is about 20 :-D (just calculated the lumens per cubic inch on the monster i'm about to make).. 4500 cubic inches really makes for a hampering of the ratio! (the minimighty should be just over 100 lumens per cubic inch... i'm wondering if any other light can make that claim). With the 1/2 cubic inch of the nano... it's roughly 40-50 lumen/ci. I've seen 60 with that crazy 1440 light.. 1ci.. and 60 lumens! awesome stuff... see what LiON can do!

LiON in the example of AAA size... 1.6W is the rated capacity... NiMH is about 1W and Alkaline is about 1/2.. but.. if you push and alkaline that hard.. you won't get 1/2 the rated energy out of it.. and if you push a LiON that hard.. you'll still get 90% of the rated energy out of it!

I love LiON lights.

Post by: raggie on July 17, 2005, 10:53:48 AM
i love leds and litium  to. the k2 looks promseing.but im stilll wanting a led maker to maker a 100 lumen per watt bulb
Post by: MR Bulk on July 18, 2005, 02:37:54 AM
I wonder if we should divide the Forums into like, "Rechargeable Lights", and then a separate one for Primary Batteried Lights...hmmm, guess we'll havin' a few "teething" issues for awhile.