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Title: WTS: Custom Mag hotwire
Post by: Wattnot on September 15, 2018, 08:10:39 PM
I've been out of the homebrew game for a while but I believe this is called the Mag 111.  It's a recipe I got from CandlePowerForums (back in their hayday).  It's a 2 C cell Mag modified with a metal reflector, high temp glass, a 111 lamp and a collar that allows two 26550 (C size) lithium ion rechargeable batteries to fit perfectly.  This is the light I made after selling my Surefire M6.  My reasoning was it's a better form factor with a thumb switch, rechargeable batteries and focus-able too.  Of course a fraction of the price too!  I carried this around in my car but it has seen very little use. 

It puts out somewhere around 900 lumens of beautiful incandescent light.

$100 shipped (OBO).